About LRS

Who are we?


After graduating from Carolina (Go Heels!), I started out working for a couple minor league baseball teams, namely the Durham Bulls, the Lake Elsinore Storm and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. And if you’ve ever worked in baseball, you know that you do a little bit everything! You sell print ads, signage, billboards and promotions  to big corporate clients (mom & pops too); you create crazy on-field promotions at the ballpark like  dressing up in crab costumes and running around the field; you pull tarp when it rains, when there is a chance of rain, when it rains and the suns comes out, when there is an important client up in the corporate suites waiting on you to show them around the ballpark and you are literally covered in mud! You dance on the dugouts doing the chicken dance or dressed in 70’s clothing as a “recycling twin”. You dance on the dugouts wearing the mascot suit–what? Did I say that? And one of my favorites…you get to shoot t-shirts out of a cannon or a massive slingshot! You do a little bit of everything which means you learn how to be fun and creative. But its not very hard to sell America’s favorite past-time or the product of “family fun”. I believed in what I was “selling” and it was a great way to launch me into a sales career.193A2818

For the past 13 years, I worked for the world-wide leader in the eye care industry, Alcon, calling on optometrists in North Carolina and beyond. Now granted, when I first started, I visited parts of eastern Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, half of West Virginia and Virginia and a third of North Carolina. But thankfully, my territory got smaller and smaller each year. But most recently, I stayed in the middle of North Carolina and fell in love with all the offices, doctors, staff members and their families. I had a great job and many people would give their right arm for my job. But I realized it was time for a change. A time for me to slow down my hurried pace and take some time for my kids. My twins were 7 turning 8 and I knew they would be out of our house in less than 10 years and that time was going to fly by me in a blink. So I said goodbye to Alcon and hello to being a full-time mommy/home CEO.

After being at home for a little over a year, I knew it was time that I could start using my creativity and my network to do some marketing on a part-time basis. And I LOVE it! I love helping people do the things they HATE doing! Or taking things off your plate so you can spend more time with your family when you get off work. Or helping you cross things off your never-ending to-do list! I find so much joy in it. I like helping clients market their business better. I like helping clients hire a new doctor or staff member. I like helping clients conduct a staff meeting and start a new promotion in their office. I like making my clients’ offices look better aesthetically so their first impression to their customer or patient is a knock-out. It could be anything from a flyer for a fundraiser, a newsletter via email, a performance evaluation for staff, staff training sessions, and even planning and executing an event. But I can’t promise I’ll put on the mascot uniform for your business! Or maybe I will….


Growing up in Australia surrounded by rugby and cricket, I somehow pursued a career in minor league baseball which landed me in the States and married to a Carolina girl! (see above)

After baseball, I was drawn to marketing, website design, digital media and photography.

I began working in the luxury furniture industry focusing on catalog production, photography management, website , Co-op advertising, and basically scheduling my life around the bi-annual High Point Furniture Market.

From there I started a handyman business, sweating under the hot summer sun doing landscaping projects, climbing ladders to paint, fixing bathroom tile, installing ceiling fans and anything else clients didn’t want to do themselves. Truly an experience in Jack of all trades thinking.

An E-Commerce store came next focusing on computer cables and hardware. Jumping into a super competitive market brings a sink or swim scenario. It was a case of quickly developing knowledge in  website development, SEO&SEM, social media, customer service and the delight in trying to locate packages lost in Chicago snowstorms.

Thereafter I moved into a corporate job focusing on the special chemicals industry. It wasn’t long before the entrepreneurial bug struck again.

What I also found was new purpose. I fell in love with salvaging century-old barn wood to create a unique and custom piece of furniture that can be the focal point of a home. Yet it also accomplished my dream of starting a “green” manufacturing business & an online furniture store. Created with Leann, we drew our inspiration from the early pioneer homesteads of the Australian Outback to the old wooden barns of the rural South. The perfect melody of craftsmanship and nature kissed by the wind, rain and sun. The wood embodies a lifetime of character & comfortable, aged beauty. Long hours and too little family time made it necessary to wind the business down in December ’15.

Which bring us to present day. Through all these experiences, was the shared desire of Leann and I to help people. Help people by uncovering their problems and finding a solution.

That common desire manifested itself into helping small business owners make sense of the confusing and often overwhelming area of marketing running their business day-to-day. That desire and the opportunity to continue building our own related expertise, saw the creation of  our own marketing company; LRS Creative.

What initially started as a small project based operation specializing in the eye care field quickly blossomed into the full scope firm we are today.

Now, my wife and I have “recycled” our careers from the minor leagues to marketing & medical sales, to entrepreneurs in a new economy.

What we do

Each process begins with  an in-depth review of the business, its core competencies and past marketing efforts. We then prepare a detailed proposal recommending targeted marketing efforts that will deliver the best results.

We help develop both digital and traditional media strategies that reach more customers and gain competitive advantage in the super-noisy ( is that a word? ) business world today.

We help clients promote their  businesses to customers and prospects to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases, across all media sectors.

We help local businesses build a transformation roadmap to address the confusing challenges to becoming a leader in their industry.

We are dedicated to developing and sustaining  media strategies for our clients that are measurable and clearly prove ROI.

Examples of our work